The CILT (UK) is the leading organisation for logistics and transport professionals, working across all modes of transport. By bringing together diverse thinking and welcoming challenge, we stimulate the innovation needed to inspire positive change.

The CILT (UK) provides the knowledge, networks and know-how for individual and collective success; it is the essential professional body for talented leaders and organisations that create, manage and operate logistics, transport and supply chain capabilities. The CILT (UK) provides the ‘must have’ learning, an authoritative body of knowledge, professional standards and the means to solve problems through collaboration and collective effort with members across the world.

The CILT (UK) passionately promotes equality and diversity. It is core to our existence that we shall challenge all and any barriers that might impede the best person; irrelevant of gender or background, from getting the right job, and being fairly rewarded for that commitment. 

Transformational leadership skills are essential to effective innovation, growth and success. Therefore, the CILT (UK) champions the three pillars of transformational leadership: being inclusive, promoting diversity of thought and welcoming challenge. If you want good ideas, you need lots of ideas – no one of us is better than all of us – any one of us should be able to hold another, however senior or junior, to account. These are the cultural norms of the many successful companies and people that we support each year.

We invite leaders of all logistics and transport companies to sign up now for the Big Logistics and Transport Diversity Event and discover how to improve performance through mutual respect, imagination, teamwork and other fun activities. What’s not to love?! – Do what moves you!

CILT (UK) Women in Logistics Forum

The Women in Logistics (WiL) vision is to:
“Improve the lives of women in logistics in the UK and address gender imbalance, enabling the logistics industry to benefit from female talent.”

The WiL mission is to:
Attract, retain and support women working in logistics and promote the broader diversity agenda.
Provide opportunities for the logistics industry, and other key stakeholders, to support women working in the sector and identify and address the challenges to recruitment and retention.

The objectives of the forum are to:

  • Connect – Provide networking and professional development events
  • Engage – To provide a voice for women working in logistics and to address, from a female perspective, key challenges the profession faces
  • Inspire – Provide an inclusive and encouraging environment to nurture female talent within the sector

From humble beginnings in 2008, Women in Logistics has grown to a membership of nearly 4,000. In 2014, the organisation started a process of restructuring in order to cope with the size and to enable us to continue to grow and serve our members. In 2018, Women in Logistics became incorporated into the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK), creating a wider platform to extend our reach and continue to engage, connect and inspire the profession.

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